vTigerCRM 6 module=Users&action=SystemSetupSave is not Working in a New Installation

Sometimes when setting up a brand new vTigerCRM installation, it might not want to save the modules you select to activate when you first log in. It will never redirect you to the application home page and you will be stuck getting back to the login page. The following URL relative to your domain name does not work:


The solution to this is simple!


Open the following folder in your vTiger installation:


and edit the following file:


Find the following code (line 48):

header (‘location: index.php?module=users&parent=settings&view=systemsetup’);

and replace it with:

header (‘location: index.php?module=home&view=dashboard’);

Save the file and you are done!

Please note that all paths are relative to your particular vTigerCRM installation.


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