Removing vTiger CRM References From a Default Installation

If you wish to brand vTigerCRM and remove the references of their name, you will need to edit a couple of the installation files. First to edit the slideshow, header and footer links on the front page, you will need to edit the following file:


*Please note that the path is relative and assumes that you are in the directory where vTigerCRM is installed on your hosting account.

To remove the text “Login to Vtiger CRM”, you will need to find the following piece of code and remove it:

<h3 class=”login-header”>Login to Vtiger CRM</h3>

To remove “Powered by vtiger CRM 6.2.0”, just leave out this part of the code from the very same file:

<small> Powered by vtiger CRM {$CURRENT_VERSION}</small>

Remove the vTiger Help Links:

<a href=””>Vtiger Website</a> |
<a href=””>Vtiger Wiki</a> |
<a href=””>Vtiger videos </a> |
<a href=””>Vtiger Forums</a>

To remove the slideshow next to the login box that showcases the vTiger features, you will need to delete this from the Login.Default.tpl file again:

<div class=”carousal-container”>
<div><h2> Get more out of Vtiger </h2></div>
<ul class=”bxslider”>
<div id=”slide01″ class=”slide”>
<img class=”pull-left” src=”{vimage_path(‘android_text.png’)}”>
<img class=”pull-right” src=”{vimage_path(‘android.png’)}”/>
<div id=”slide02″ class=”slide”>
<img class=”pull-left” src=”{vimage_path(‘iphone_text.png’)}”/>
<img class=”pull-right” src=”{vimage_path(‘iphone.png’)}”/>
<div id=”slide03″ class=”slide”>
<img class=”pull-left” src=”{vimage_path(‘ipad_text.png’)}”/>
<img class=”pull-right” src=”{vimage_path(‘ipad.png’)}”/>
<div id=”slide04″ class=”slide”>
<img class=”pull-left” src=”{vimage_path(‘exchange_conn_text.png’)}”/>
<img class=”pull-right” src=”{vimage_path(‘exchange_conn.png’)}”/>
<div id=”slide05″ class=”slide”>
<img class=”pull-left” src=”{vimage_path(‘outlook_text.png’)}”/>
<img class=”pull-right” src=”{vimage_path(‘outlook.png’)}”/>

Remove Footer the links on the login page:

<small>&#169 2004-{date(‘Y’)}&nbsp;
<a href=””></a> |
<a href=””>Read License</a> |
<a href=””>Privacy Policy</a> </small>

<small>{vtranslate(‘LBL_CONNECT_WITH_US’, $MODULE)}&nbsp;</small>
<a href=””><img src=”layouts/vlayout/skins/images/facebook.png”></a>
&nbsp;<a href=””><img src=”layouts/vlayout/skins/images/twitter.png”></a>
&nbsp;<a href=””><img src=”layouts/vlayout/skins/images/linkedin.png”></a>
&nbsp;<a href=””><img src=”layouts/vlayout/skins/images/youtube.png”></a>

This should do it. Now if you visit your domain name where vTiger is installed and clear your browser cache, you will see that you only have the logo, the background image, the login box with no extra branded text on it.

The location of the logo, in case you wish to change it is:


The background image can be changed by replacing this file via FTP, file manager or SCP:


Once you log in, there is another logo, that needs to be replaced. The file is here:


Ok, so once you log in to your vTiger CRM application, you will see that there are links in the footer again that need to be removed. The file that you need to edit is:


The code that needs to be removed is:

{vtranslate(‘POWEREDBY’)} {$VTIGER_VERSION} &nbsp;
&copy; 2004 – {date(‘Y’)}&nbsp&nbsp;
<a href=”//” target=”_blank”></a>
<a href=”#” onclick=”‘copyright.html’,’copyright’, ‘height=115,width=575’).moveTo(210,620)”>{vtranslate(‘LBL_READ_LICENSE’)}</a>
<a href=”” target=”_blank”>{vtranslate(‘LBL_PRIVACY_POLICY’)}</a>

This will pretty much clean all vTiger CRM references.

Of course a more experienced user can always check the source of the page and know that this is vTiger by the names of the files, folders and the code structure, but for average users, this is your personal branded CRM software.

Good luck!



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