LFD Excessive processes running under user

You may be receiving LFD notifications from your server, similar to the one below:

CSF/LFD Excessive resource usage

You can easily fix this by editing your CSF configuration file here:


and finding the following setting:

# User Process Tracking. This option enables the tracking of the number of
# process any given account is running at one time. If the number of processes
# exceeds the value of the following setting an email alert is sent with
# details of those processes. If you specify a user in csf.pignore it will be
# ignored
# Set to 0 to disable this feature

You just need to increase t he number of the User Proc variable – by default it is 10 – and then reload the CSF:

csf -r

That will do it and you will no longer be spammed by all these server notification.

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