How to Hide or Delete a Default Field in vTigerCRM 6.2.0

If you are reading this, you have probably attempted to delete, alter or hide one of the default fields in a module in vTigerCRM. Unfortunately this is not something that you can do from the CRM administrator panel and you will need to do it from the database.

You can use a tool like phpMyAdmin to navigate to your database and find the vtiger_field table. It will list the fields, you just need to find the one you need edited, hidden or deleted.

To hide a field, you will need to change the displaytype from 1 to 0. For example to remove the Description field, you can run the following query:

UPDATE `supportg_vtiger`.`vtiger_field` SET `displaytype` = ‘0’ WHERE `vtiger_field`.`fieldid` =36;

You can disable any field by just changing the fieldid in the above query to the field id of the one you need changed.


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