MLA Writing

Simply ensure your essay doesn't seem purely informative. Argumentative essay is one of the numerous sorts of composition topics where you will be compelled to disagree and have a stand. While writing an article you need to follow several primary measures that are natural in any kind of essay. In addition you should be certain [...]

Install SSL Certificate on a Plesk server

Installing an SSL certificate on a Plesk Server should be an easy task, and you just need to follow the steps: Log in to Parallels Plesk Panel. From the menu on the left, select Domains. Click on the domain name that the certificate is issued for. Click SSL Certificates. Click Browse and locate your signed [...]

LFD Excessive resource usage

If you have not tweaked your ConfigServer Security & Firewall configuration, you may be receiving tons of these notifications: To fix the above, provided you no longer want to receive them, you need to edit your CSF configuration file here: /etc/csf/csf.conf and find the following: # This User Process Tracking option sends an alert if [...]

LFD Excessive processes running under user

You may be receiving LFD notifications from your server, similar to the one below: You can easily fix this by editing your CSF configuration file here: /etc/csf/csf.conf and finding the following setting: # User Process Tracking. This option enables the tracking of the number of # process any given account is running at one time. [...]

Cannot Upload Pictures WordPress

A WordPress application cannot upload new images from the Media Library. If you have already checked all the permissions, file ownership, URLs in the wp-options table of the database etc. and it still does not work, you can try opening the options page on your installation: Check for the upload_path and upload_url_path. They might [...]

File System Monitoring Service With inotifywait on Centos 7 64 bit

If you wish to monitor your server files, log changes or receive notifications triggered by delete, upload, modify events, the best way to go about is using inotify-tools. First, you need to install inotify-tools on the server and for this you need to enable the EPEL repository. You will need to know if your Centos [...]

rvSkin Shows the cPanel Icons, but No Text

I encountered an issue today where customers did not see any text under the cPanel icons when the log in. The issue is easily fixed by running these two as root: rm -f /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/rvversion perl /root/rvadmin/ Goodluck!

cPanel 301 Redirect Not Working or Causing Redirect Loop

You may have tried to create similar redirects: Redirect 301 /test.xml Redirect 301 /feed/ Redirect 301 /feed The above is what cPanel would generate if you use the Redirect option. Here are the entries that will actually work: RedirectMatch 301 ^/test.xml$ RedirectMatch 301 ^/feed/$ RedirectMatch 301 ^/feed$ Enjoy!   [...]

Integrate vTigerCRM 6.3 with Google Calendar – Part Two

Now that we have everything set up in our Google Developers Console here: the next step would be to log in your hosting account File Manager or FTP/SSH - any way you prefer to manage your files and edit the following file: ~/modules/Google/connectors/Config.php The file contains: <?php /* * To change this license header, [...]